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This statement. You make it sound as a fact that ST09 sucks, not an opinion. Something that's happening on the forum a lot lately I'm afraid. People have an opinion, but instead of saying 'I think ST09 was bad' or 'I feel ST09 was a bad film', people use statement as 'ST09 is horrible' or 'ST09 is terrible'. Using the word 'is' does not imply opinion, it implies fact.
Thank you! I am glad someone else understands!
Sorry, but you're you're just playing with words. If someone says, "This is dull" it's obviously an opinion. It's just a different way of saying "I think this is dull" or "I feel this is dull." People can be forceful or emphatic with their opinions, as evidenced by how they express them, but they're still just opinions.

It may 'obviously' be an opinion, but when you use a word (the word 'is') that is linked the stating fact, not opinion, there's no playing of words involved. It's simple English. If you want to talk on a board where discussions are taking place all the time, it's best to use the language used on that forum in a proper way to make yourself 100% clear, so people know exactly what your saying. You mean to convey a feeling, but you do it in a way that is used to state a fact. Ofcourse some people are going to be confused about what you want to say.

Miscommunication is what starts most of the arguments on forums. Using the proper way to say something, so no room for misinformation is left open, you can avoid such situations.
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