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Re: Revisiting the films...

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And, of course, I won't be bothering with ST09. There's only so much I can endure.
This statement. You make it sound as a fact that ST09 sucks, not an opinion. Something that's happening on the forum a lot lately I'm afraid. People have an opinion, but instead of saying 'I think ST09 was bad' or 'I feel ST09 was a bad film', people use statement as 'ST09 is horrible' or 'ST09 is terrible'. Using the word 'is' does not imply opinion, it implies fact.
Thank you! I am glad someone else understands!
Sorry, but you're you're just playing with words. If someone says, "This is dull" it's obviously an opinion. It's just a different way of saying "I think this is dull" or "I feel this is dull." People can be forceful or emphatic with their opinions, as evidenced by how they express them, but they're still just opinions.

This afternoon I'll start watching the films. In the interim here's a thumbnail sketch of my opinion based mostly on memory.

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Director's Edition)
- The theatrical release was interesting and welcome after a dry decade of reruns. The longer television version added some previously deleted bits that gave the film a tad more feeling. The DE tightens the film up in the right places and added some visuals originally planned but never finished---it's much closer to what we should have gotten in 1979. But all three versions suffer from a lack of character drama. The story needed something to up the ante dramatically rather than just the threat of Vger. Unfortunately thats not something you can CGI into a film.
Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (Director's Edition)
- A lot more energy and loads of more character drama than the first film. The characters feel more like themselves. Some really nice visuals. But in some respects this doesn't feel like the Star Trek I saw in TOS. With the changes in costumes and injection of questionable ideas this has something of a retro feel to it particularly after the look of TMP. There are also a lot of logic holes I find disturbing. Every film has logic flaws, but a good film usually helps you overlook them.
Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
- In some respects it feels warmer than TWOK in terms of the characters, but it's so obviously a continuation of the previous movie. Some nice character moments, but again the logic flaws are a little too apparent.
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
- TOS had done humour, but it was usually contextual. This film is part of an over arcing story of which the previous parts were serious minded while this one plays more like a comedy. The setup has us laughing at the characters rather than with them. My least favourite of the TOS based movies. When I think of time travel in Star Trek I think of "Tomorrow Is Yesterday," "The City On The Edge Of Forever," "Assignment: Earth" and "Yesteryear" I'm not thinking of "I, Mudd."
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
- Like some of TOS' third season episodes there is a worthy story at the heart of this exercise, but it's buried under a lot of silliness. There's too much mucking around with extraneous crap and trying too hard to get a laugh. There's quite a bit of energy in this movie and also some good character moments in it. Sadly, the film often looks cheap due to poor use of budget and resources.
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
- In some respects these Klingons are more like those seen in TNG. There is more diversity of character. I also liked that we saw Klingons that didn't look alike whereas in TNG onward so many of them looked and dressed very much alike. It also harkened back to some of the better Klingons we got in TOS, namely Kor and Kang, and eschewed the cardboard cutouts of second season TOS, TSFS and TFF. Nicholas Meyer serves us more retro looking Trek and more annoying logic flaws.
Star Trek: Generations
- The film is entertaining when Shatner is on the screen and mostly dull as dishwater the rest of the time. The destruction of the E-D is so contrived and such a cheap ploy it's more insulting than saddening. The death of Kirk, and the manner of it, is like a slap in the face to longtime fans.
Star Trek: First Contact
- TNG tries to do their version of TWOK with a lot of action and energy. Along the way they re-invent (or redefine) the Borg, redefine a historical Trek figure and rewrite history (contextually). The new E-E looks like some fanboy's wet dream. This version of TNG also looks darker than the already dark version offered up in GEN.

Thats what I remember.

Stay tuned...
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