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Re: Revisiting the films...

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Kinda odd that you'd go to such lenghts to share your opinion on the movies, but just don't watch three of them. And you even make it sound as fact instead of opinion that they are bad. You may not like them, and that's fine, but please state it as opinion instead of fact. Plenty of people on this forum that love INS, NEM and Trek09, so stating as a fact that they are terrible makes no sense.
This is an accusation often thrown around on message boards: an opinion offered as fact. We share our opinions no matter what they might be based upon. If we are sharing a fact then we should be citing a source to back it up.

Today I'm going to start watching the films and then I'll be sharing my opinion. If someone perceives that as being offered a fact then thats their problem and not mine.

I've seen INS and NEM and there wasn't one thing I liked about either. I thought they were throughly stupid works. They might have been made passable as one hour television episodes, but certainly not as padded out two hour movies. To revisit something there has to be at least something I liked in it even if overall I didn't think much of it previously. I'm certainly not going to bother revisiting something I disliked thoroughly.

The same applies to ST09. I've seen it twice and over the past few years I've stated numerous times how much I disliked the film and what I disliked about it. And so what would be the point of revising something I detested?
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