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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x20 - "In the Stars" (part 1 of 3)

A small FYI - the site I was using to host all the PDFs recently freaked out and cancelled lots of people's accounts because of copyright issues. So the links up at the top of the thread (and every previous thread) are now null and void.

I'm working on getting them uploaded elsewhere, and will post new links later tonight. The actual on-page text here and at Ad Astra is unaffected, of course.

EDIT: Okay, here are the new links:

10x01 Emancipation
10x02 Brave New World
10x03 Steppin' Out
10x04 Easy Come, Easy Go
10x05 Deep Down
10x06 The Dream Box
10x07 Instinct
10x08 Property Values
10x09 Blank Slate
10x10 In Two Minds
10x11 Harmony
10x12 Heresy
10x13 The Case of the Flamping Flurble
10x14 Against the Odds
10x15 Inside Out
10x16 I Will Survive
10x17 Reservoir Ferengi
10x18 The Calling
10x19 Reset
10x20 In the Stars

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Read DS9 SEASON 10 and DS9 SEASON 11 !

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