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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

Yeah I think one of the whole points of the Guardian launch was so Lex could meet with Clark. Wanted to get Superman's attention for their traditional meeting One thing that is bugging me that is a carryover from the series is Clark's continued reliance on Chloe and Watchtower. I realize that this is something unique to "Smallville" and that the comics (that's an ironic statement now isn't it?) version never had anyone to rely on but it still bugs me, and I guess it's nothing more than a plot device to keep Chloe around and still relevant. Clark really doesn't need Chloe or Watchtower's resources now that he's Superman. So far I could see most of this being one of the best seasons of "Smallville" since the start (not the finish) of season eight.
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