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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Well, look at how "complex" the Batman series is, we've got Batman, three different versions/stages of a Robin, Batwoman, Batgirl and with Batman, Inc. we add even more. It's a mess.

A complete reboot would boil that all down to bare essentials. Batman and Robin and potentially a Batgirl.

Hell, I'd really argue you don't even need a Robin so make it a tad more practical (and sensible) with him being a teenager and when he gets into his twenties after a few years of comics he goes off to his own comic series and Batman rides it out solo from there.
Well, in that case we're talking about two very different things. Batman is bloated, always has been and I agree that he doesn't need four solo titles. However, starting everything from scratch, you also lose a lot more important titles like Teen Titans (which is a top tier DC franchise, even if they don't treat it like that).

And not just that, pretty much any team book since if you're starting everyone out on day one, it's insane to think that they're meeting up and forming teams. And then there are characters whose origins involve being inspired by "modern" heroes. That takes Blue Beetle off the table.

In the end, a total reboot really brings everything from a new 52 to like a new 20. And that's just crazy.

And I completely disagree that you don't need a Robin. Comic fans tend to forget that Robin is just as integral to Batman's history as characters like Alfred, The Joker, and Catwoman (all of whom he pre-dates in appearance). The "Robin Sucks" train of thought is clichéd.

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Another excellent top ten...I agree with all the points brought up so far and the apparent contradicts pointed out as well.

Alan's point about where Batman Inc is something I brought up a few pages ago. Volume Two has to take place at least sometime after "Batman and Robin" Volume Two the first arc, since Bruce mentioned Damian's killing of Spook and Nobody. Oh and the not finding out about NoWhere yet in Superboy has been maddening and one of the reasons why I dropped the book.
To me, and I'm sure this will be contradicted later, Batman Incorporated happens in the Pre-Flashpoint Universe. There may be mentions of New 52 stuff, but everything in Issue 1 can be reconciled to take place before Flashpoint. And I have a feeling Morrison is going to try his darndest to keep things relatively consistent with Pre-Flashpoint.
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