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Re: Question for Supernatural fans...

Just finished Season 2 myself, but it'll probably be awhile before I start S3 (just because I've got other stuff I mean to watch next). Turns out I'd actually seen a decent amount of the back half first-run; at some point I'd checked the show out and followed it off and on for a bit. Crossroad Blues, Playthings, Nightshifter, Houses of the Holy, Tall Tales, Roadkill, Holywood Babylon, and All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2, to be specific. So that's 8 of the 22. Somehow I had thought I'd seen the show a bit later, but obviously wrong about that, haha. Also a lot of things make more sense in context now, obviously.

I did kinda think it was cheap that they just blew up/burned down the Roadhouse entirely off-screen, but it was a nice twist to find I'll grant. Just... cheap.

Is there another tour of the studio at the start of Season 3? Cause the "Gilmore Girls" reference was in "Hollywood Babylon." It was a nice nod to Padalecki's earlier career.
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