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Re: new canon vs novelverse: worst case scenario

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But the problem here is that you're using the word "canon" wrong. Canon is declared and decided entirely by Paramount & CBS. You can you don't consider it in continuity with the stuff you like, but canon is the officially sanctioned stuff, and no matter how much you might dislike something, you can't change the fact that it is canon. Canon is fact, not opinion.
Re-read what I said, rather than what you think I meant. They're not the same.

Of course the officially sanctioned stuff is canon, no matter how crappy it may be, how stupid, or how retconned. I'm just saying that there are PARTS of the canon I can choose to IGNORE - as in NOT WATCH/READ - and Paramount/CBS can't force me.

So Michael Dorn could make his stupid little movie, and maybe TPTB will consider it canon and make the novelists jump through hoops to accommodate the "new reality." But that doesn't mean I have to like it, nor does it mean I have to watch that movie, or read anything based on it.

It's like the 2009 movie. I finally watched the thing, as it turned up on TV a few months ago. It's just as stupid as I figured it would be, and I do NOT consider it any kind of canon I care to acknowledge. The studios can call it whatever they want, as they own it.

But I won't watch it again, nor will I watch anything else based on it. I won't read any novels based on it. Thankfully the Trek universe is big enough to keep me entertained in other areas.
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