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Re: new canon vs novelverse: worst case scenario

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I would ignore anything Michael Dorn did, because I can't stand Worf. First he ate TNG, then he ate DS9. I wouldn't consider his little project to be any sort of canon whatsoever.
Canon, by definition, is the exact opposite of the individual fan's opinion. You can choose for yourself whether to count it in your personal continuity, but it's a complete abuse of vocabulary to call that "canon."
I should think it would be an "abuse of vocabulary" to choose something that clearly isn't canon and declare it to be canon. For example, there were several TOS novels that featured a Horta crewmember. I enjoyed those stories, but they're certainly not canon. Neither are the terrific fanfic stories I've been reading lately (although I wish they could have been canon, since they are better stories than a lot of the ones that did get made).

I reject the above-mentioned movies and series from the parts of the canon I pay attention to, simply because I LOATHE them. For me, they Do. Not. Exist.

I'm not saying nobody else can say they're canon. I don't think they should be, but that's just my own opinion. I would guess there are some aspects of canon Star Trek I like that others wish weren't canon. As I am free to ignore Enterprise and never worry whether or not I ever see the last 2.5 seasons of it, other people are free to ignore the episodes they hate or prefer not to ever see.
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