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Re: Robin in a Batman movie

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Hitgirl with a dick.

We saw a 10 year old girl with no super powers consecutively waste 30 guidos in less than ten minutes with hyperactive super kungfu, and it was awe-esome.

There's no point in having an "adult" Robin.

That's a business partner, not a son.
Hit-Girl worked because she was using guns, and to a lesser extent short-swords. They were force multipliers. Once she lost her weapons and got into a fistfight she had her ass handed to her. You can't do that with Robin because of Batman's code. Lethal force is a big no-no. And Hitgirl's tactics work solely because of their lethality.

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Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
Hitgirl with a dick.
In other words, Damian Wayne.
The question becomes, how many mobsters can Damian stab and/or shoot to death before Bruce grounds him?
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