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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

It's time for Smallville: Season 11 #6! What an issue! All Superman action, all the time! Superman saves all the astronauts except for... Oh shit! Hank Henshaw has been badly burned and is suffering from radiation exposure. I hope he doesn't turn into a super villain or anything!

The plot-what little there was of it in this action oriented issue-thickens, boooooy does it thicken as we learn that the Guardian defense platform was fired intentionally, most likely by Lex Luthor. The issue ends with Lex grinning, knowing he's about to have an audience with Superman.

I think Smallville #7 will give us the first instance of the Lex/Superman confrontation in the Smallville canon. The sparks flying between the two should be interesting considering Supes knows everything about Lex and Lex knows nothing about Supes. The dynamic between the two should prove to be quite fascinating.

Also Otis has information on Tess' memory virus. We don't know what yet, but Miller's got me waiting again!

Damn you Brian Q! You've hooked me in like a fish and now you think you can reel me in week after week after week!

Well, you're right.
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