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Re: David Brin's latest novel, and a TED talk

Wow, I simply don't have time at the moment to reply to each point in all of the posts since the other day, however, I've responded to probably 95% of the points in the science and technology forum. I don't see any new criticisms that haven't been answered by me or through links, and some of the same mistakes keep getting repeated. Some of the main claims against the possible Singularity from my top list are named again, ie: that humans are unique and our thinking and "souls" cannot be reproduced. Call it reductionist, call it what you will, but I have no belief in souls, and do not think there is anything we can't eventually learn about the brain that will lead to reproducing it.

One quick word, it appears to me that the critics are the ones using the religious terms, such a prophecy, rapture, et al. to make comparisons. Those terms mean nothing to me, I'm simply interested in where we are headed, and since our technology and precision with predictions of events has improved over the years, we are becoming more accurate...we have an idea where we will is not based on faith requiring nothing as with religion, it is based on numbers, and supported speculation. Huge companies, industries, education, are on board making it happen. Technophilanthropists are making it happen. Info technology increasing at a proven accelerating rate is making it happening.

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