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Re: New UK (& Other?) Partwork - Official Star Trek Starship Collectio

Mr. Domino wrote: View Post
Living in America sucks on occasion.
Find yourself some reliable international penpals! Invaluable, esp. when eBay brought in their "Paypal purchases can only be sent to the validated address shown on the buyer's account" rule.

captcalhoun wrote: View Post
you sometimes wound up with some bugger who orders it, collects the first dozen or so and then stops coming in and doesn't even phone and cancel the order so you wind up with 4 issues hanging about hoping someone will either randomly buy it if you shove it on the shelf
Yep. I moved suburbs during the long run of the GE Fabbri "Star Trek Fact Files" and it was very tricky trying to get a local newsagent who'd restart my collecting at a mid point. My original newsagent was so diligent on my behalf. I had several hair-raising weeks trying to predict exactly how much notice to give the first guy, when the new order would kick in, and how long I had to try random shops all over Sydney for one-off shelf purchases.

I was chased out of the shop by one aggro owner! He refuses to pull any partworks because of bad experiences, being left with so many issues belonging to standing order customers who simply vanish. (Or return after a six-month absence and scream, "Where are all my issues?") He used to buy five only copies of each new partwork (after the first few issues), put them on the shelf and "When they are gone, they are gone". The pages would fall off the rubbery pad binding, they'd get severely dog-eared... A nightmare. I very rarely enter his shop, even twelve years later.

I have noticed that more recent partworks do strongly encourage individual subscriptions.

Christopher wrote: View Post
So many of the TrekBBS patrons who'd be interested in this merchandise won't get to find out about it as long as this thread is in Trek Lit instead of the forums they frequent.
And vice versa, if it was only over there! I never go to the Tech sections, and often forget about General.

Sometimes there's a valid case for cross-postings, or at least a redirection URL.
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