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Re: VRML TOS Enterprise

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@BrookeStephen - It looks very good. If I may make a suggestion, the top of the power unit is more open. You can see light spilling in from the top in the screen shots for "The Enemy Within". Are you making your plans based on FJ's blueprints?
Hey there;
I've used FJ's blueprints for the ship, but small components such as this unit aren't pictured in detail. Yes, I know about the top being open - saw in "Court Martial" episode, just how they can be lit from above. I pulled many stills off the episodes and found one pic of the desktop model of the original TV soundstage, where the top of this unit is visible - seems to be the right shape - maybe the hole at the top is alittle smaller than it should be... can you find the desktop model of the soundstage and tell me what you think?

Thanks in advance!
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