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Re: David Brin's latest novel, and a TED talk

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1. Most people do not create novel ideas or concepts: They restructure old ideas or concepts into new configurations. It is a question to what extent genuinely novel ideas or concepts exist.
First you're missing the point that most people don't create new ideas but ABSOLUTELY NO expert system can.

Second expert systems can only reconfigure ideas under narrow parameters. For example an expert system could write music that sounds like Bach or Beethoven because their style is well known but it can't create new music nor can it create new genre's of music.

Creativity may be one aspect of human intelligence we can't emulate simply because it can't be quantified.

2. Logic is not intuitive, nor does it take leaps. Conclusions can be made with fuzzy parameters, but there's no reason to want expert systems to do what people can do (at this point in time) better. What people call "gut," is not a faculty but a tag for unconscious thinking based on experience.
Actually intuition is very important. Often time we don't have enough information to make an informed decision therefore we "guess" and hope for the best. You might not think intuition isn't important but remember without we would be paralyzed. You could emulate intuition with a random number generator but then it wouldn't be intelligence.
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