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Re: Does anyone else dislike Keiko O'brien?

Ln X wrote:
I wouldn't say the Female Changeling is a real bitch because she was so cold and uncaring towards solids (she was more fricking brutal and ruthless when things didn't go her way). At least you knew her position and she made no attempt to hide it. She was probably at her most vindictive when casting judgement on Odo and saying those snide things after Odo had been transformed into a solid.
Point taken. She may have been more a statement on what Odo might have been without Kira's (and the other solids') influence on him.

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Nechaev is the second most bitchiest woman character on Star Trek. She has that annoying superior air about her and a nasty mean streak. But she wasn't exactly evil unlike the female changeling or Winn.

But Winn is the nastiest bitch of them all. She is constantly manipulative, lying, deceitful to others (and herself), delusional and plain wicked at times. Winn is the only character I know of where I few like strangling her in virtually every scene. I think Winn mellowed a bit in season 5 of DS9, but in other seasons she was all of those things above (though in varying quantities). Plus Winn is a religious nut so add some more points to her bitchiness.
Huh. What you're saying is true, but Winn strikes me as less holistically bitchy for some reason. Her bitchiness at least has a reason to it, namely pure self-interest and political advancement. And she did try to destroy the book of the Kosst Amojan at the end, so that would indicate that she wasn't entirely without a conscience...

On the other hand, it seems to me that Nechaev just seems to walk all over her subordinates and acts like a complete pain in the ass just because she can. It's not that much of a distinction, I know; maybe it's just my perception.
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