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Re: Female Captains poll

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I want to see Guinan and Leeta given the chance to be captains.
How do you know Guinan hasn't been a Captain once or twice?
MU-Leeta was briefly in command of MU-Defiant in The Soul Key. She may well have continued that role in Rise Like Lions - I don't know, I haven't read it.

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Capt. Kira: In charge, but didn't really do anything while the story focused more on Vaughn, Ro, Taran'Atar, Shar, et al.
So, saving the station from a Jem'Hadar attack, nearly sacrificing her life to save the population of a nearby colony, actually leading Bajor into the Federation (which Sisko never did), going alone to defeat the parasite Matriarch, chasing down the perpetrator of the slaughter of Sidau village, and leading a mission to the Alternate Universe aren't "really doing anything." Right, okay then. Yeah, you're right, Kira's just a layabout.

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Capt. Dax: Hasn't really had the chance to shine yet (we saw her in relation to Picard & Riker, and playing support for Bashir's covert mission, but we haven't really seen her work independently).
She was working independently in A Singular Destiny.

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