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Re: Does anyone else dislike Keiko O'brien?

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And regarding mean commentary about cooking, are the Keiko-haters conveniently forgetting that 'I'm not a fish' O'Brien comment during 'The Wounded' for some reason?
Yeah O'Brien said some pretty ugly things as well, and could bitch about things just as much as Keiko.

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EDIT: And no one - I repeat, no one - can possibly out-bitch Vice Admiral Nechaev (though, I admit, the Female Changeling and Kai Winn do give her a run for her money). The way she treats Picard and Sisko is borderline unprofessional, and her 'you will commit genocide on my order' attitude is just begging for a good fragging... for the greater good of the Federation, natch.
I wouldn't say the Female Changeling is a real bitch because she was so cold and uncaring towards solids (she was more fricking brutal and ruthless when things didn't go her way). At least you knew her position and she made no attempt to hide it. She was probably at her most vindictive when casting judgement on Odo and saying those snide things after Odo had been transformed into a solid.

Nechaev is the second most bitchiest woman character on Star Trek. She has that annoying superior air about her and a nasty mean streak. But she wasn't exactly evil unlike the female changeling or Winn.

But Winn is the nastiest bitch of them all. She is constantly manipulative, lying, deceitful to others (and herself), delusional and plain wicked at times. Winn is the only character I know of where I few like strangling her in virtually every scene. I think Winn mellowed a bit in season 5 of DS9, but in other seasons she was all of those things above (though in varying quantities). Plus Winn is a religious nut so add some more points to her bitchiness.
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