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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Admiral Bear, Ive been thinking about this since last night and would really like to know what did happen on the sunday, because I was there before the doors opened and was still there after the public had left, and I didnt see what happened, if anything. Nobody I know was aware of any problems either, to the point where its like you and I are talking about completely different events.
I chatted with the general public on the day and heard nothing but good things said, apart from some complaints about queues and cash points the day before. I know all the other charity groups who attended and none of them are aware of any trouble, nor were the dealers I chatted to as I know some of them. At the end of the event, I was chatting with some of the guests, including John Barrowman, Colm Meany and Chase Masterson to name just a few... they all seemed to be in a good mood, if a little tired, and enjoying the event... John Barrowman even contacted us afterwards to ask if he could have the photos we took of him with chase Masterson for his website. (We said yes, of course)
The organisers also seemed to be in a good mood at the end of the event and looking forward to the next one. I dont know if they made enough money, and I dont know if they really have gone bust, although the companies websites indicates not.
there has been nothing on the Treble Ace facebook page about trading standards, just loads of comments about what a good time everyone had. I understand someone tweeted that they went bust. As I said, I dont know if its true, but I'm hoping its wrong. Certainly I have seen no evidence of the fraud you allege took place. I do think you should be very careful about spreading things like that. If they are true then your posts could have an affect on any resulting court case and if false you could be done for slander/libel and will have to live with the fact you falsely smeared someone's good name... and for what? Do you want Treble Ace to fold? The only person who benefits if this is true is Joiner. If this event is a genuine success it is a massive threat to him and he is well aware of this. You have a choice... to wait and see what happens or spread rumours based on gossip.
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