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Re: Am I the only one who loves SGU?

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But Young didn't murder Rush, it was Rush though who framed Young for murder few people knew that part though.
Young abandoned Rush on a planet a bagillion lightyears away from anyone or anything that could save him. Young left him there to die. It's only by some freak coincidence that Rush was "rescued" by the aliens. So yes, while Rush may not have actually died, Young intended to murder him.
A freak coincidence? The aliens had been tracking the ship since the start of the series and the hatch of the ship the helped saved Rush was what he was examining prior to being left there. In the end leaving Rush on the planet worked out for the best, he would later save Chloe and the fact the had framed Young was quietly swept under the rug. Leaving Rush there was a cliffhanger they never would've done the other two series and it was a given that Rush wasn't going to die on that planet, he's just too important to the series for them to allow that to happen.

But nobody could have known any of that! When Young left Rush on the planet, he planned for Rush to die there. It doesn't matter that it was a cliffhanger or that Chloe would later be captured by aliens. I'm talking about what Young intended to do at the time he abandoned Rush to die.
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