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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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David is a HUGE DS9 fan. He's not going to wipe out the cast in one fell swoop.
Yeah, he's not that other David.
Haha, good point. And with that David, if you're speaking of Peter, I wasn't even bothered about the fact that he kills of characters. In fact, with Before Dishonor, I thought it was gutsy that they did what they did. What bothered me about Before Dishonr, was that he clearly had not read or been much informed about the lead up with new characters on the Enterprise and his writing clearly showed that with the security chief (forgot his name) and T'Lana he didn't know their characterization and then by the end of the book the whole plot turned ridiculous. I didn't dislike Before Dishonor because he killed Janeway, but because it wasn't good writing (and I actually like Peter David too) and he didn't have a good grasp of characters. DRG3 on the other hand knows these characters inside and out, and writes them incredibly, yes, even Sisko and his decision. I am a firm believer that if these plotlines had happened on the show no one would be bitching, they're just doing it because its a book and they refuse to wait and see a larger tapestry of events that, with a show, you know is coming in the next episode or next season. But with all the moaning about RBoE, hardly anybody said, "You know what, lets wait and see what he has planned next, this must be going somewhere." They just crucified David for destroying their "property". And as far as people saying DS9 has been shafted and now the ending of PoN shafts it more, clearly hasn't been appreciating Typhon Pact the way I have. DS9 is my first love and joy in Star Trek, and yes I want them to continue the missing storyline set up in the Relaunch, but come on, Typhon Pact has been more DS9 element heavy than any of the other series. Ezri, Julian, and Serena get their own book. The Andorian crisis and Shar are dealt with. Sisko is all over the place, and now PoD putting all the focus back on DS9.
Regardless of which david you where reffering you make a vaild point, about how hard it is to connect with new people for the simple reason that the next writer will just kill them off in order to put his own creations in place, Their was also a number of new people introduced during voygers relaunch that I liked only for them to be killed off. That kinda righting makes it hard for fans to acccept new people
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