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Re: new canon vs novelverse: worst case scenario

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If Transformers can produce new content in multiple different timelines (Neo-G1, Prime, Shattered Glass, Classics, Bayverse), I fail to see why Star Trek can't. Especially since, as with Transformers, alternate universes are built-in to the mythology. It seems wasteful to not use them.
And TrekLit does use alternate universes, too: the Shatnerverse, the Mirror Universe novels (and several interpretations/extrapolations of the canonical one from "Mirror, Mirror"), the Myriad Universe collections of stories, the ten "Strange New Worlds" volumes (many of whose stories overlap and conflict), the Rihannsu novels (latter ones carried disclaimers explaining that TNG had diverged in several ways), and the "Crucible" trilogy (which deliberately ignored parts of the then-current novel continuity).
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