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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

StuM82 wrote: View Post
I disagree with that, the book could have been a third to a half shorter if it credited people with remembering what had happened in past storylines. It's true that people don't read all the books (I certainly don't) but there is far, far too much harking back to the past when it doesn't add much to the story in trek books. (Not a criticism limited to this book/author). I haven't read the other DS9 books but I know the major threads discussed in this book because they are repeated so often.
Personally I really liked the way Plagues ties all those together and sets them in narrative context.

Christopher wrote: View Post
So Star Trek often involves bringing nations to the brink of war, but only rarely does full-fledged war actually break out.
To be fair though, unlike Balance of Terror and Errands of Mercy, this is much more on-the-brink than any of those examples. After a coordinated attack on a Federation starbase involving warships from multiple nations in the Pact after violating the agreements re:the Gamma Quadrant it'll take a Herculean effort to dial things down. It'll be fun.

Sci wrote: View Post
Really liking the novel so far. Gotta say, in terms of narrative complexity, this is probably the most ambitious Star Trek novel since the Destiny trilogy. By my count so far, it advances at least 12 major factions' plot arcs from all across the books:
Agreed. I was somewhat disappointed by the lack of Dax and Aventine but the book's so full already I guess I shouldn't complain.

David Mack wrote: View Post
In fact, DRGIII and I talked about this and decided it makes sense to have La Forge as the ship's 2nd officer (i.e., third-in-command) from main engineering; if the ship suffers a hit that takes out the CO and XO on the bridge, and command transfers to engineering, it makes perfect sense to have the chief engineer as part of the chain of command to keep things running without interruption.
I've got a question/something I don't really like though. I comprehend the reason given about it "making the chain of command look odd" to have it go Captain -> Commander -> Captain, but I don't understand why it's needed. I mean, La Forge is a Captain of Engineering (as well as now the second officer) and Starfleet officers aren't stupid.

Skywalker wrote: View Post
I actually like that Geordi seems to be moving away from a command track. Not everyone who enters Starfleet needs to (or even wants to) captain a starship. Geordi certainly never struck me as the type in TNG or the movies. Granted, I haven't read much of him in the novels yet...

Sci wrote: View Post
You are severely understating the amount of attention Geordi received in the A Time to... novels, in Greater than the Sum, in Destiny, and in Paths of Disharmony. And an entire book dedicated to him in the form of Indistinguishable From Magic is more than any character save Picard, Beverly, and T'Rhyss have received.
Err, his stuff in Destiny was great but it was pretty small nonetheless. Flirt with Leishman, tech the tech, and that great scene where he stands up to Picard about the thalaron emitter.

Enterpriserules wrote: View Post
I really believe that like the line earlier about Sisko seeing Kasity's ship blowing up and we find out later that she is not on it, the same thing is going to happen to DS9 itself. Sisko might think that the explosion destroys DS9, but that really, it is just the lower core. Plus from other blurbs for future books we know Ro is alive, so I am hoping the station is as well.
I like this explanation, that what he's seeing is just the reactor/core and and the hint about Sisko seeing Kasidy's ship blow up.
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