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Re: Female Captains poll

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I want to see Guinan and Leeta given the chance to be captains.
How do you know Guinan hasn't been a Captain once or twice?

Joking aside, I do note that a lot of TrekLit's female captains have been restricted to supporting roles only;

Capt. Kira: In charge, but didn't really do anything while the story focused more on Vaughn, Ro, Taran'Atar, Shar, et al.

Capt. Shelby: Really just marking time until she made Admiral, end even then she's best used as Cahoun's sidekick.

Capt. Gomez: Mentioned in Destiny, but apparently only took over once SCE was finished.

Capt. Eden: Commanded briefly, but then Chakotay got his groove back.

Capt. Mueller: Best-known as Calhoun's distaff counterpart and backup.

Capt. Dax: Hasn't really had the chance to shine yet (we saw her in relation to Picard & Riker, and playing support for Bashir's covert mission, but we haven't really seen her work independently).
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