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Re: new canon vs novelverse: worst case scenario

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The current ongoing Trek Lit continuity has been going a long time now. And with future Trek movies being set in the 23rd century of an alternate timeline (for the time being, at least), and impending 2387 supernova aside, the novels are free to reshape the galaxy as they see fit. We've seen characters die, enemies vanquished and new alliances formed. The characters we know have changed somewhat. Fun is had by all (well, except Edit_XYZ)

Now.... what if something came along to fuck it all up? What if, as unlikely as it seems, something like Micheal Dorn's straight-to-DVD movie about a terrorist hunting Captain Worf came along, and in a few lines of backstory completely contradicted the happenings of the Trek novels?

Say, in this hypothetical film we learned...

Janeway's running Starfleet.
Voyager's a museum and has been since it got back.
The Borg are a constant threat.
The Gorn and Tholians have been locked in open warfare for a century.
The USS Titan is a Sovereign-class ship.
Picard and Beverly never got together.

What would happen to the novels then?
New ones would have to be consistent with the new canon, obviously.

And what would happen to your enjoyment of the Typhon Pact-era novels, should something like this ever transpire? Would they be ruined? Or would you not mind?
Nothing would happen to my enjoyment of them, except that I'd be disappointed they'd be contradicted. These are novels, not textbooks.
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