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Re: new canon vs novelverse: worst case scenario

Relayer1 wrote: View Post
I'd ask Christopher to take it on, but don't know if he would be interested...
Dulmur & Lucsly... one more time!

"Is that a time travel joke? We hate those."

JRoss wrote: View Post
Okay, under what rock have I been hiding to not hear about a new Worf movie? Any links, please?
Google is surely your friend?

Shon T'Hara wrote: View Post
Given the number of Trek actors who want to continue their characters, I wonder why we haven't seen more projects like the Shatnerverse?
The actors who've played Nog, Sarek/Romulan Commander, Q, Sulu and Chekov have all written for the comics. De Lanci also did a novel with PAD. The actors who played Quark and Garak have done novels. Way back when, Nichelle Nichols wrote for the Marshak/Culbreath "New Voyages".
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