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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Travis Chesser wrote: View Post
I don't understand this. Why would you not be able to go on? Even if it IS completely gone, which I'm not sure it is, the cover for the next book shows something there, so even in the worst they'll be rebuilding it. What is the big deal? The Enterprise was destroyed and they got a new one. Did you not go on after that? I just do not comprehend this whole notion of quitting something before you see a final result. I mean, come on, as much as you all hate him here and bashed him to death after RBoE, David is a HUGE DS9 fan. He's not going to wipe out the cast in one fell swoop. This was a shocking moment, yes, but I doubt it means the end of DS9. Stop being so alarmist.
I, personally, did not bash DRG for RBoE. I stated how much I disliked the book and how it seemed to totally shit all over Ben Sisko, but I never bashed him or even the writing of the book, and I only weighed in on the whole thing once myself. So I'm not part of the "gang-up" or whatever some want to call it that drove him from the board, if such happened. I don't visit around here too often, only poke my head in now and then.

As for my not wanting to go on reading Trek lit if they destroyed DS9?

(Which I'm hoping to high hell they haven't! Not the least of which is because Kira, Bashir, Quark, Ro and Kassidy all might be dead if so)

It's honestly just the straw that breaks the camels back, IMO.

I have not been happy with the treatment DS9 and VGR have both received in the past half-dozen years. I strongly disliked the killing of Janeway. I was upset with Sisko's departure from character in RBoE but I do feel this novel does much to mend that and really drive home how torturous it is to Sisko to do such acts.

But destroying DS9? It's like killing another favorite character. And - pending finding out for sure how it all turns out - I don't know that I'd enjoy reading the books much beyond that point because so much has been taken away.

It's a tapestry, and this feels like one thread too many pulled.

We'll see how it turns out. I'm hopeful it's being done for shock value and it'll turn out as a faux moment like Sisko seeing Kassidy's ship explode.

they really destroyed DS9 though?

It's just the latest in a line of decisions I disagree with strongly. And so why would I want to keep reading books that keep making choices that aren't appealing to me as a fan at all? You know?

We'll see how it all ends up.
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