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Re: New UK (& Other?) Partwork - Official Star Trek Starship Collectio

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I too would've loved a Trek figurine collection, but the ships is nice... and who knows? If it's a success, a figurine one may be along...perhaps to coincide with the next Trek film for maximum promotion. I remember reading an interview the Eaglemoss MD a couple of years back who said his dream next collections would either be Dr Who or Trek because of all the cool character/alien designs... so who knows!?!
They tried a figurine collection a few years ago. It only lasted a handful of issues though. I'm not sure if that was one of their limited trial releases or a abrupt cancellation.
Yeah, I think that was Deagonisti (another partwork company) - it certainly wasn't Eaglemoss, who I think tend to produce the higher quality stuff. It didn't even get out of the "pilot phase" (trialled only in certain parts of the country).

I got my copy of #1 of the Starships Collection from WH Smith in Swindon (Wiltshire). Down the road in Didcot (Oxfordshire) they hadn't heard of it, so I am starting to wonder if this is on a similar only-certain-counties type thing!?
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