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Re: New UK (& Other?) Partwork - Official Star Trek Starship Collectio

[QUOTE=Trek Survivor;6428647]

flandry84 - I didn't realise DC and Marvel had been cancelled! I stopped collecting the Marvel ones around #60-something... it was a great series, but I'm not surprised it's been cancelled: "The Classic Figurine Collection" started with all the legends, but by the time you reach #150-something, you're scraping for characters.

Well TBH,because of DC's own strict diktats very many of the most obvious characters didn't get made at all and of those that did,DC had some strange ideas about certain costume choices: old DC vs. 52 etc.

As for Marvel,they were much more accomodating and consequently ran to more issues.Still though many of the obvious choices (like US agent)didn't make it in.While characters like Nico Minoru(no,me neither)got produced.
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