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Re: "King's Speech" director to take on "Les Miserables"

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Link didn't work, but here's another:

Looks and sounds fantastic!!!

The instruments seemed a bit toned down at first, but then seemed to pick up - and the song cut away before a chance for one of the "big moments." Overall though it seems from the brief glimpse like they're going for a slightly toned down, quieter and more pained version of the song... which, you know, makes sense since it looks like they're setting it (part of it?) after "Lovely Ladies."

ETA: In fact who knows, maybe they'll cut "Lovely Ladies" entirely?
Lovely Ladies may survive the cut. There is brief shot of three woman coming out of three doorways. Lovely Ladies does tell of Fantines fall into despair after she's fired for, ironically, not being a lovely lady. Then again there could also be a Directors Cut that's closer in length and libretto the stage production.
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