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Re: New UK (& Other?) Partwork - Official Star Trek Starship Collectio

Well done 8of5; when I got home last night, I found the web link was in the magazine as well!

captcalhoun - you're right, newsagents tend to stock up to a certain issue and no more (#7 of any given series seems to be the magic number round these parts!). However, there is subscription - either direct (and get the free gifts) or via your newsagent; specialist shops like Forbidden Planet will also stock them regularly.

flandry84 - I didn't realise DC and Marvel had been cancelled! I stopped collecting the Marvel ones around #60-something... it was a great series, but I'm not surprised it's been cancelled: "The Classic Figurine Collection" started with all the legends, but by the time you reach #150-something, you're scraping for characters.

I too would've loved a Trek figurine collection, but the ships is nice... and who knows? If it's a success, a figurine one may be along...perhaps to coincide with the next Trek film for maximum promotion. I remember reading an interview the Eaglemoss MD a couple of years back who said his dream next collections would either be Dr Who or Trek because of all the cool character/alien designs... so who knows!?!
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