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Re: Errand of Vengeance / Fury series

Well, there was a reference to Number One consulting the records of the Ferengi Commerce Authority. Among other things, if I remember correctly.
Ah, thanks - I've now found a 2010 TrekBBS thread on it as well.

UFP knowledge of the FCA in the 23rd century isn't really contrary to what we know of the Ferengi, any more than Uhura's knowledge of Cardassian drinks in STXI is. And UPF knowledge of the FCA in the 23rd century doesn't really appear to make the novel take place in the Abramsverse...

As for Pitcairn being Chief Engineer rather than Transporter Chief, and Garrison being a Lieutenant, well, that's merely keeping with canon. It's only noncanon, backstage sources that suggest that Pitcairn had any sort of a defined position in "The Cage", or that Garrison's sleeve markings weren't supposed to be the same as Joe Tormolen's, despite the looks. Or that these guys even had names. Etc. etc.

So I wouldn't sweat the "not in line with the prime universe" thing. The average Trek novel diverges more from that norm. And, inevitably, the six Errand novels add up to a greater number of diversions and contradictions than The Children of Kings. Not that it would matter much, either. There's always room for a little bit of "WTF?" diversions in that intriguing pre-TOS era; those make Errand and Vanguard so much richer for me at least...

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