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Re: Unification Invasion

In a world where it only takes about twenty people to hold a nation hostage to fear for decades, it's not all that difficult to believe that 2,000 suitably ruthless invaders could conquer a planet.

Transporters are a bit unreliable, many planets have natural occurrences that prevent beaming and most advanced planets would have counter measures.
Vulcan isn't known for being a difficult environment for transporters, though. And countermeasures against transporters were a problem in "Nor a Battle", but countermeasures against vehicles were a significantly greater problem. Those "hoppers" were at least as useless as transporters, because Klingons could shoot them down at will. At least with a transporter beam, your army can exploit a ten-second gap in enemy defenses; with vehicles, even a gap of thirty minutes might be too short to be of tactical use.

Relying on star ships for short range transportation is foolish as well, it may too busy dealing with enemy starship in orbit to provide short term logistical help.
If the space above the battlefield is still contested by enemy starships, then the ground forces are utterly useless anyway: the enemy starships will see to that. Providing assistance with transporters may be hindered if the ships are engaged in combat; providing swift death with phasers and photon torpedoes may not.

Having ground forces always rely on air forces for logistics is bad tactics.
Not if ground forces are air forces in themselves... In "Nor the Battle", there were no Starfleet vessels in the vicinity, yet the Federation troops were still capable of using transporters for combat, indicating that you can have the necessary hardware without having a starship.

The only starship the invasion force had were those old Vulcan ships
But that's patently false. We saw at least one giant warbird - when she chose to reveal herself. We probably failed to see fifty others. Or perhaps three hundred.

Although it did appear as if this whole plot was the brainchild of a relatively small if ambitious faction on Romulus, rather than an all-out military campaign by the Star Empire itself. There may have been limits to the commitment of resources there.

For pure logistic purposes, you want troops to be mobile on their own.
And transporters quite probably make that possible.

Timo Saloniemi
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