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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

Hello everyone. I'm a relatively recent trekkie . I was always aware of the series having caught glimpses of voyager on TV every so often. My first real exposure came from watching Enterprise (yeah I know) . At the time, I thought it was alright but never really got into it .

After a few years, I caught the trek bug again with the JJ abrams movie. I thought it was awesome and really wanted to give the 'old universe' a shot. My friend told me the original series would a be a little rough to start with, so told me to watch the movies starting with Khan. I watched all the original series movies and stopped before generations knowing the TNG connection. Like most people, I agree that 2 and 4 are just great movies in general, though I enjoyed 3 and 6 for what they were.

Then came TNG which I just blazed though and loved, season 1 not withstanding.I am now working through DS9 which is pretty different but so far so good.

Thats the gist , and I hope to be a good member of the community.
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