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Yeah, I'm afraid I'm in the "not-so-crazy about this episode" camp. It's good, but no more than 4 stars in my book, probably closer to 3 and 1/2.

I think the episode would have worked better if it all had been from Jake's perspective, with us not knowing whether or not his dad is on the way, emphasizing both the isolation of the situation and the overstimulation Jake was facing.
What's special about this episode is that it pushes the boundaries of Star Trek into something more darker and real. This is DS9 experimenting and ascending far beyond its TNGish roots. The casting (aside from the guy who shot himself in the foot) is perfect and I love that grizzled old veteran stuck in the trench talking to Jake. What a face!
That is a very good point (about pushing the boundaries), and one that is easy to forget. Still, something in the execution just doesn't cut it for me.

Maybe it's that I find Jake only somewhat sympathetic in this episode. His cowardice doesn't bother me, it's his, well, stupidity. I'm not talking about his running away during the shelling, that's understandable. I'm talking about stuff like his internal monologue at the beginning of the episode, where he's like "Surgery under fire, aw yeah!" I don't care how caught up in enthusiasm he is, he's 18 years old, he should have enough sense to realize that that's not the way it's gonna be.

Or when he volunteered to go with Bashir to get the generators. He (and Bashir for that matter) should have realized the potential for Bad Things to happen out there, and should have suggested that someone with training for these situations should go.

Or at the end, when everyone else is evacuating. Does Jake evacuate or try to help? No, he goes and hides underneath a table that's not even big enough to cover him. I know he was shell-shocked, but still...

My point is that, Starfleet officer or not, Jake should have some more sense than he showed in this episode. And that makes me sympathize for him less.

Still, the point about the episode pushing the boundaries more and giving a more nuanced look at 24th century humanity is well taken. I could definitely be convinced that, within the context of the overall series, the episode merits TheGodBen's 5 stars.
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