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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Paper Moon wrote: View Post
Yeah, I'm afraid I'm in the "not-so-crazy about this episode" camp. It's good, but no more than 4 stars in my book, probably closer to 3 and 1/2.

I think the episode would have worked better if it all had been from Jake's perspective, with us not knowing whether or not his dad is on the way, emphasizing both the isolation of the situation and the overstimulation Jake was facing.
What's special about this episode is that it pushes the boundaries of Star Trek into something more darker and real. This is DS9 experimenting and ascending far beyond its TNGish roots. The casting (aside from the guy who shot himself in the foot) is perfect and I love that grizzled old veteran stuck in the trench talking to Jake. What a face!

Ironically I think season 5 is the darkest of all seasons because there is still some mystery to Dominion motives, and episodes like this one leave a lasting impression upon the viewer.

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Right after the death, Ezri finds out the person was the child of Kurson.
After all that rambling Curzon had a child?
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