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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

The episode opens with Kes’ 2nd Birthday celebration in the holodeck. Why Paris’ Pool Gigelo/Women of the Night Hall? I like holodeck scenes and this one is funny, especially for this episode, but I would like to see a different one too. Why not something special from Kes’ home world? We could learn additional background information on her and get to see something new! I think Paris is trying to move in on Kes. He gave her a beautiful gift and Neelix was livid!! The Doctor is splendid in the holodeck. He looks good in a beret! I love it when the woman in the Pool Hall kisses him and tells Kim that he was playing Doctor!

The ship has encountered a spatial distortion ahead and when they go and try to check it out, they find that they cannot get to where they want to go in the ship. Everything is mixed up. Everyone goes off to find where they are needed on the ship, but they keep getting led back to deck six and the holodeck. The doctor tries to explain that they may be hallucinating if they are under the influence of certain rays, but he cannot tell because he does not have his medical equipment. Wouldn’t he be able to tell that something is wrong because he cannot move where he wants? Can’t the holodeck replicate those same tools?

Neelix and Chakotay run into Tuvok and Neelix disappears. Damn, then the Captain gives Kim a nice heartwarming compliment about how he has exceeded her expectations, etc. Janeway must have had pretty low expectations. Then Kim proceeds to explain the obvious about what is wrong with the ship.

The ship is going to crush the deck everyone is on in less than an hour. They have to mess around with some techno-babble stuff and try and stop the distortion. Tuvok points out that they have tried ever logical answer and have not been able to fix it so he suggest that they do the illogical and stop trying to stop it; let it happen and hope for the best. I’m not sure if that is really impressive logic from Tuvok or highly illogical.

The distortion goes into the holodeck and just moves around for a second. Then it pulls out and the Captain wakes up from her injuries. They are on the bridge and find out that the computers have twice the information on now. Neelix then walks in and there is a cute moment between him and Kes.

Favorite part: I kind of liked this episode because in a weird way it reminds me of the fun house in Chicago on Navy Pier.

The Pool Hustler, “Would you mind moving your foot Johnny Boy, you are blocking my shot”.

Least favorite part: There were some lines in this episode that were just bad; a lot of stating the obvious or repetition.
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