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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

What advertising fraud? would you like to back up your accusations? I was there both days, running a fundraising stall, I didnt see any trouble, nor did anyone else I spoke to on the day. We raised almost 400 for our charity, so please dont try to accuse me of anything.
I am defending no-one, but in this country you are innocent until proven guilty. I do not know if the event was a financial success or not (and as of an hour or so ago, they were still listed as active on the companies register, which is usually pretty up to date.) but I heard nothing about any fraud nor did I hear any visitors to the show say anything bad about it so quite what you are talking about happening on sunday I do not know. ... the general consensus was that there was a mess up with the queuing system on the saturday and I beleive there was a problem with the card machines. That is hardly the same as the fraud you are accusing them of. If any crime has been committed, I assume the police will be involved and will investigate. You should not be judging them on rumours spread by the competition, who incidentally got thrown out of the event for snooping round private areas. The only evidence of fraud that I have seen is your acusations on this forum and I'm just pointing out that you should be very careful about accusing people of criminal activity without evidence to back up your claims.
Edited to add that Ive just been and had a look at their facebook page, apart from the odd comment beginning to appear spreading the rumours theyve gone bust, I cant see anything negative on there, just lots of people sayaing how much they enjoyed it... maybe there is more than one facebook page?
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