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Re: Unification Invasion

how troops supposed to outflank the enemy without ground vehicles?
With transporters.

I mean, yeah, there's all sorts of talk about jammers, scramblers and shields, but those would only affect transporting in the immediate vicinity of the countermeasures. An infantry force could still call for a starship above the battlefield and get moved from one side of the enemy to another, with sufficient clearance from the countermeasures. If the enemy had vehicles, all the worse for him, because those would be easier targets to the weapons overhead than a dispersed bunch of troopers...

We do hear about "hoppers" capable of moving a platoon in "Nor a Battle to the Strong", so vehicular movement is still an element of the modern battle. But vehicles might not be all that common, in comparison with transporters - and vehicles incapable of flight might be unheard of.

Timo Saloniemi
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