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Re: Just finished KotOR for the first time...

There's a lot about this game that feel nonsensical. G0-T0 probably take the cake though. Maybe I missed something, or the RC mod glitched out some dialogue, but I had to look him up to figure out what he was about. I mean, you blow up the exchange ship and this floating ball shows up on the Ebon Hawk and invites itself into your group. For some reason I thought he was being remotely operated by whoever but that bounty out on you, but apparantly the droid itself was running the Exchange. I totally missed that in-game.

But yeah, that whole bit about being a "wound in the force" and leaching off everyone else didn't make any sense to me at all. It always seemed to me that Kreia was the one leaching off of the PC from the get go. I mean it was hardly shocking when she turned up and fried all the masters.

Actually, I'd say the main problem with the plot isn't the lack of clarity so much as the lack of purpose. I mean it's never really clear what's going, but it's even less clear *why* you have to go on this quest. There's no clear goal or even a clear antagonist to drive the plot, just a vague mystery about the PC's past, two Sith villains who don't do very much and Kreia who, right from her first appearance was clearly a darkside user.

..still, I'd like to see how it plays out.
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