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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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However, I'm disappointed that it looks like the cold war is heating up and there is a high possiblity of another war.
I'm always surprised when people react to the potential for war in a Trek story as evidence that war is inevitable. How many Star Trek episodes have been about being on the brink of war and averting it at the last moment? "Balance of Terror" started with an act of war, but they managed to avert it in time. "Errand of Mercy" featured an actual shooting war that then got halted. On TNG, "The Defector" was about a barely averted war with the Romulans, and "The Wounded," "Journey's End," and probably others entailed barely averted wars with the Cardassians. On ENT, both "Cease Fire" and the Vulcan Reformation arc involved barely averted wars between Vulcan and Andoria, and the "Babel One" arc involved averting a war between Andoria and Tellar.

So Star Trek often involves bringing nations to the brink of war, but only rarely does full-fledged war actually break out.
It has also been said that the Typhon Pact is NOT an enemy but it clearly is. Multiple characters keep speaking of the Pact as an enemy and now we have open conflict. I think the "last moment" has passed as of the last few chapters of the book.
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