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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Action. Sweet, loving action from native girls in tinfoil bikinis.
B is for Brawl. Specifically, a brawl with Mr. Finnegan.
C is for computer. Evil computer enslaving a planet that Kirk must double-talk into a programming error or BSD. Thus freeing the puny natives from it's clutches.
D is for Defeating Klingons supplying arms to the natives.
E is for ending a computerized and fully automated war between two planets without any warp capability.
F is for FUBAR. As in how Landru ended up after Kirk took a crack at him.
G is for God slaying. A hobby of Kirk's.
H is for Hotties. Damaged green hotties.
I is for Independent Thought. Kirk would violate the rules to set the mentally enslaved population of a planet free so they could think for and govern themselves(see: Landru, Vaal, ad nauseam).
J is for justified. Kirk was justified to interfere on the mobster planet to right the wrongs of previous contamination by earlier visiting spacecraft.
K is for Klngons, countering their aggression and conquest.
L is for Landru. He had it coming.
M is for Morality. What was right was more important than the rules, so to hell with them.
N is for native girls in tinfoil bikinis or with green skin; again.
O is for Oh ... You know.
P is for politicians. Such as certain Federation ambassadors and other politicians ordering kirk to establish contact with a civilization at all costs. Even disregarding warning beacons or messages in the process.
Q is for Quite a Lot of Women. Refer back to "A".
R is for Rorschach. Kirk's answers are always right.
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