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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

There is another USS Antares (NCC-9844). It was built by the model maker Adam Buckner. This Antares was a Miranda-class variant with a Nebula-class type pod. Allegedly, this model was shot for scenes with Starbase 375.

In the apocrypha, there was a further USS Antares, an Oberth-class scout, that was the setting for the Star Trek: Orion Rendezvous planetarium show. (Memory Alpha article - Antares, Apocrypha section)

* Antares-class Cruiser - Bajoran
* Antares-class Cruiser - Federation (SS Xhosa, Norkova)
* Antares-class Freighter - Corvallen
* Antares-class Starship - Federation/Starfleet

* Antares - 2260's cargo ship in service to Starfleet
* USS Antares - lead ship of the Antares-class starships
* USS Antares - Oberth-class scout (apocrypha)
* USS Antares (NCC-9844) - Miranda-class/Nebula-class variant
* USS Antares - starship set in an alternate reality

Historical Note: The lunar module for Apollo 14 was named Antares.
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