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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

you should be very careful about making false accusations. As of today, Treble Ace are still registered as active on the companies register. It is also slanderous/libellous to call the organiser a con man.
I was at Treble Ace, they allowed us to run a stall there for Macmillan Cancer support and were a great group to work with. In no way do you have any grounds to accuse them of anything illegal and I strongly suggest you retract that accuation.
Jason Joiner could learn a heck of a lot from their attitude! ITs also noteworthy that he is spreading rumours about them, of course he has NO reason at all to want them to fail, does he? He really loves having competition. His track record speaks for itself. If you choose to believe him then thats your problem.
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