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Re: Matt Jefferies and NCC-1017

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Then again, even the Paramount bits are dubious at best. We don't want to believe in opening and end credits, now do we?
Credits are not the same as captions. Captions are a written translation of the spoken dialogue. Credits are a list of the actors and production personnel, which have nothing to do with the fictional universe the show is about. So if the captions state that the ship is an Antares class vessel and not an N'Taaris class vessel, then an Antares class vessel it is.

Now with that said, I am fully aware that snafus happen during closed-captioning. The best one I can recall is when Kai Opaka says something to the effect of "Your pagh is strong," and the captioning reads "Your power is strong." (Unless she happened to lapse into a super-thick American southern accent when saying this word )

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But do you know what part they used to make the propulsion emitters on all the miniatures?
That I don't know. Care to enlighten me?
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