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Re: Errand of Vengeance / Fury series

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Not too sure about Children of Kings though - The premise about the station being attacked, Klingons developing a cloaking device and Orions being involved seems intriguing but being set in neither TOS or Abrams' continuity but a mixture might be a bit confusing - some of the reviews aren't that good either - is this one of those books you'll either really like or really hate?
Well, the first time I read it, it didn't seem that good to me, and the fact that it's not really in either continuity (Prime or Trek09 universe) bothered me a bit.

The second time I read it, it felt like a more complex Trek tale than before and I was able to enjoy it much more.
Opinions on it varied of course - you should be able to track down the TrekBBS thread quite easily and see if you'd be interested in reading it.
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