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Re: PROMETHEUS - Grade and Discuss

I've just seen it. In my opinion, though it's visually and technically impressive and some of the actors do their best with what they're given, Prometheus is an incoherent mess.

Ridley Scott, who used to be so talented at that kind of thing, seems to have lost all deftness at building dramatic tension. The film is a collection of loosely connected scenes which ultimately fail to coalesce into a coherent whole. It looks and reads like a first draft. Characters are introduced and discarded randomly. Their motivations are all over the place. Some events which should be extremely important have little or no impact and are never referenced again. Even the sci-fi part, the worldbuilding, is haphazard and lacks cohesion. It seems to exist solely to provide a setting for action scenes and to hit a couple of half-baked thematic notes about faith and the meaning of life.

For me, it's as if the movie had been written by people whose total life experience comes from other movies: not once do you believe that you're looking at flesh-and-blood people with decipherable motivations and credible emotions. The Prometheus is full of weird automatons who speak like movie characters and act like movie characters, as if they had escaped from the Jack Slater universe.

Prometheus is not without merits, but as far as I'm concerned, it's a bitter disappointment.
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