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Re: Female Captains poll

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Unfortunately the TV shows and movies never got there -- in TOS they weren't even allowed in command...
Well, no -- the last episode of TOS seemed to claim (or at least had a paranoid schizophrenic character claim) that women couldn't be captains, but that same episode also contained some continuity errors (like saying General Order 4 was the death penalty rather than GO 7) and was just generally pretty stupid. I don't think its claims can be considered binding on the entire series, especially since the Enterprise had a female first officer in the original pilot and she did command the ship for most of the episode while Pike was held captive.
Even if we handwave the line away in-universe, it still reflects the mindset of the writers and producers of the third season (admittedly not Roddenberry). The episode on screen comes across as, "Yeah, a woman in command. That's a good one. She gets PMS and we're at war with the Klingons. Ho-ho-ho."

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Ideally Trek should strive for a 50/50 split.
While I welcome more stories with female captains, I don't feel like Star Trek should aim for a quota to be politically correct.
The Federation is supposed to be a post-sexist society, which means the population of captains should be representative of the Federation as a whole -- not through quotas, but just naturally. If that doesn't happen, it's indicative that the writers haven't been able to move beyond the sexist attitudes ingrained in them by society. (Again, I don't keep track of this with TrekLit, though from what I've seen the current crop of writers are doing a good job; however, the TV shows and movies are an entirely different matter.)
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