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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I read the book cover to cover in one sitting. It was pretty exciting overall, although it had to recap a lot of previous activity. Considering that people don't buy all the books (especially the eBook that I didn't know existed), I thought the exposition was OK and it better helped shape the timeline of the previous Typhon Pact books. It also did a good job of presenting events detailed in the previous books from the perspective of other participants (such as the raid on Utopia Planitia).
I disagree with that, the book could have been a third to a half shorter if it credited people with remembering what had happened in past storylines. It's true that people don't read all the books (I certainly don't) but there is far, far too much harking back to the past when it doesn't add much to the story in trek books. (Not a criticism limited to this book/author). I haven't read the other DS9 books but I know the major threads discussed in this book because they are repeated so often.

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I've just this second finished it. I voted "Average", and thought it was a step down from the excellent Rough Beasts of Empire. Too much of the novel felt like just a bunch of stuff happening, rather than a story (or stories) unfolding. If that makes sense. But still worth the read and I'm looking forward to Raise the Dawn.
Definitely more a "bunch of stuff happening" rather than a story. Things are flagged up early and then end up happening. A character thinks "wouldn't it be wierd if this happened?" and then it does later on. There are probably a few too many things happening in this book so that not enough depth is given to any one.

Parts I did like though were around the new praetor on Romulus.

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