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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

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Watching the Clock begins in March 2381 - is that pretty consistent with the entire timeframe?
I don't understand the question. If you mean whether the book is consistent with the other novels set in the 2380s, then yes, it is. The book begins in March '81, but continues through to February '82, covering roughly the same span as Rough Beasts of Empire, though the two books mostly take place in each other's gaps. It also contains many flashbacks to earlier dates.

The Struggle Within ebook? Any dates?
Zero Sum Game I know is mid 2382
Seize the Fire is around the same time frame through late August
how about Paths of Disharmony dates?
Indistinguishable from Magic dates?
Forgotten history begins in Feb 2383
Rough Beasts of Empire dates? I know this one covers a longer span, but curious about the months?
RBoE is February '81 to Feb '82. ZSG begins in April '82 and is mostly in August of that year. StF is around August. PoD is a bit over a year after Picard and Crusher's son is born, making it aorund October. TSW is mid-November to early December '82. IfM part 1 is early January to mid-February '83, and IfM part 2 is mid-March to early April '83. The Forgotten History frame story takes place between IfM's two haves.
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